10 Beginner-Friendly Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns

Do you have a friend with a bun in the oven? A baby on the way? Are you also learning to crochet? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place, friend! This compilation is a list of super easy, super pretty Beginner-Friendly Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns.

I’ve been teaching my friend Sarah to crochet. It just so happens that she has TWO different coworkers that are expecting. After helping her search for pretty and easy baby blanket crochet patterns, I thought you may benefit from this list as well!

All of these patterns have been hand-selected for their ease, their visual appeal, and for the fact that they are free patterns. Impress your friends, yo!

1. Corner to Corner

Corner to Corner crochet offers a pretty, diagonal design that looks much more difficult than it is. All you need to know is how to double crochet. You’ll start at one corner, then make the blanket bigger and bigger until you’ve got it about 36″ width (not diagonal width) – the typical size for a baby blanket. Then start making it smaller until you reach the other corner. Change up the colors (here’s how), or make it all white with a pretty, contrasting blue or pink border! See this excellent video for a full Corner to Corner tutorial.

If you go with this pattern, may I suggest this freakin’ AMAZING Reverse Shell border? The white pictured is Corner to Corner crochet!

2. Ribbed Ripple Crochet Pattern

This Ribbed Ripple pattern features a simple double crochet. You will need to learn how to decrease (double crochet two together, dc2tog). This pattern looks more difficult than it is, so try with a small swatch and then move up from there. Remember baby blankets should be approximately 36″ by 36″, and this is definitely a beginner-friendly baby blanket!

3. Granny Square Blanket

This isn’t so much a pattern, per se, but a growing Granny Square. Simply start a regular Granny Square, then continue adding rows in the same manner until it gets as large as you like. Here’s one I made for myself using Mandala Valkyrie.

4. Scalloped Baby Blanket

For the Scalloped Baby Blanket pattern, all you need to know is single crochet and double crochet. The border is the decorative part on this pattern, and so pretty too! *note that the pattern is only available on Ravelry at the moment, so use the free download there.

5. Liam Baby Blanket

With the Liam Baby Blanket you’ll need to know the single and double crochet. By combining these two stitches you get a beautiful effect that will wow any new mom.

6. Chevron Blanket

I’m loving this simple Chevron Blanket! Choose whichever colors you like, then follow the pattern repeat. For this you will also need to know how to double crochet two together (dc2tog) but don’t worry! It’s easier than it looks! (I’ve got a tutorial coming, I’ll update this post with the link when it is ready!)

7. Oh the Places You’ll Go

This adorable spin-off would be perfect for a new mother that is also a teacher. For the Oh the Places You’ll Go blanket, you’re just making a circle, then continue making it larger and larger while changing colors (here’s how). This trick for keeping your seams straight when working in the round will help if you’re ready to take your crochet up another notch!

8. Modern Stripes Baby Blanket

I’m thinking this Modern Stripes would make a great baby boy blanket. Or girl, of course, but throw in some bold colors and you’ve got a winner!

9. Baby Color Blocked Blanket

If you can single crochet, you can crochet this Baby Color Blocked Blanket. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

10. Bundle in Blue

The Bundle in Blue blanket is a shell pattern, and is written plainly and is easy to understand with minimal guidance. I love that this is a solid color, so no color changes and less weaving in ends! Yay!

If you’re feeling blasé about baby blankets, this Newborn Sleep Sack pattern is literally a rectangle that you then fold in half. This sleep sack would be just as easy as any of the patterns above. (Yes, that’s a real baby).

I hope this list helps you find the perfect Beginner-Friendly Baby Blanket for the new parent in your life!

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